July 22, 2013

Niagara Falls/Pheasant Creek Falls Hike

Saturday afternoon we went for a hike.  Our destination:  Niagara Falls and Pheasant Creek Falls.   The drive there was beautiful.
The little lady exhibiting her "stand still and don't move"  abilities.

The Niagara Falls Trailhead.  

 The crew all ready to go!

This trail is listed as easy to moderate.  (In my opinion it is a little more difficult than the Drift Creek hike we did on July 4th.)  Round trip 2 miles with an elevation change of 350 feet.  I found it to be mostly family friendly. 

We saw billions of ferns and pretty flowers.
And lots of different kinds of ripening berries.

I took this picture just before they started a heated discussion on who was going to be the leader.

Along this trail were several benches and several bridges.

  First view of Niagara Falls.  This is a cascading type of waterfall and the water drops 100+ feet.  In reading online about this falls it describes the falls as only a shadow of itself during the summer and fall months.  Another interesting fact is that this falls was not named for the famous Niagara Falls but for the proximity of Niagara Point.
The best time to view this would be during the winter and spring.  Maybe we can return someday.

My silly hiking partner!

View of Pheasant Creek Falls

We wanted to go right to the base of  Pheasant Creek Falls so we followed this overgrown path...

climbed over logs...

and carefully stepped over slippery, slimy rocks.  Knowing full well that one slip of the hoof would plunge you into icy water.

During this portion of the path, Andy carried two of the three kiddies.

Ahh it was so nice to sit and rest at the base of the falls.

Winter and spring would be the peak season for the amount of falling water, but I think that even now, in July, the water would sting the skin, should you decide to take a shower.

Back at the car, feeling proud of our accomplishments.

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