June 2, 2013

The Birthday Boy's Big Day

The big day started out early.  First it was out to breakfast at 7:00am.  He chose Three Rivers Café, and of course he ordered pancakes!
Leaving for breakfast with Daddy
 Then it was time for school. Despite his excitement, he studied very hard!

He received several phone calls through out the day from family and friends.

He received a birthday email, and multiple Facebook messages.
 And, he received some birthday text messages.

A birthday wrestling match, or maybe it is more like a wallowing.

He had birthday company.  There were others that dropped by to bring gifts and I didn't get a picture of them.
And then it was time for singing "Happy Birthday"  and blowing out the candle.  He was so excited that I had found the #6 candle.
He didn't want traditional "cake" for his birthday,  so this cake is just to hold the candle.
I love how the littlest man is very into the celebration as well
Cherry Cheesecake was what he wanted instead of the traditional birthday cake.  I had him close his eyes then set this in front of him.  Happy Boy!
 Then it was present opening time. 

This strangely wrapped package suddenly appeared while he wasn't looking.  Bet you can't  guess what it is.

Happy boy!

So of course, after opening the above gift, there had to be some practice.

And then, the grand finale for the birthday boy's big day; we went to Pacific City and climbed the GIANT sand dune.  Carson has been wanting to climb this since we moved here.

First up- Carson and Mommy.  I found this to be a challenging adventure...1 step up, slide backwards 2 steps.  Loose sand is tough to climb!

Carson and Mommy nearly to the top. 
The view from the top is incredible!
Taking a break and being blasted by blowing sand.
Next up- Carson, Kenzie and Daddy.

The long climb!

Their silhouettes against the skyline.
A beautiful ending to a wonderful day!  He did say he kind of wished he could have a Birthday every day.  And he thought maybe the next day he might be a little puffed up because of his special treatment.

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