June 27, 2013

Kindergarten Highlights in Review

The folders were ready...
 The desk and name tag were ready....

The Boy was ready....
 We started school at the beginning of September.  Andy and I chose to homeschool Carson this year and we decided to use the hard drive program from Bob Jones University.   I do highly recommend this program.
So excited to be starting this adventure!

When we started, this little guy was just barely over 1 month old.  

 On most days, the little lady would join us.  Usually she would stand behind me in my chair, or sit on my lap.  She has learned a lot this year also.

*Field Trips:   These pictures are from one of our favorite field trips.  Mrs. Janet took us to a little   
                        farm where the kids got to cut down their own grape cluster.

                        Then we got to pick peaches,
                      and check out their baby calves.
                     Then we took our grapes and washed them and placed them in the oven to make.....
                   ...Raisins.  This was a tasty experiment!

Another favorite field trip was to the pumpkin patch. We met up with some friends and had lots of fun!

* The "Readers".  Each week he would receive a new book that had  sentences at his
                             current skill level. His reading teacher (on the hard drive system) was fabulous!

 He was excited to be Officer Parriman for the day.

 In the meantime, this little guy kept getting bigger.  Adding the helmet therapy to our schedule sure kept life interesting!

 Starting addition was so much fun.  And then came subtraction... and then came fractions.   I don't remember being introduced to fractions in Kindergarten.  

And then it was time to take down, and pack up, and move.  And keep up with school, and take care of a baby, and just breathe....

These two ladies, packed my kitchen in one afternoon.  I couldn't have done it without them!

This dear lady kept me sane.  She helped pack many boxes,
brought me diet coke, and let me cry on her shoulder.  She was a Godsend!

Then we arrived at our new house, set up shop and went right back to school.  This is what it looked like on many days.  Carson  studying, Kenzie hanging over my shoulder, and Clayton playing on the floor. 

 Fiesta Day~

During District Assembly we didn't want too miss a day of school, so school went with us to our hotel.

 Can you guess what we studied on this day?

I have so enjoyed this year of homeschooling Carson.   It has been so neat to watch as he learned to count, add, subtract and then start learning simple fractions.  It has been so exciting to watch him learn to read.  To watch as the "light bulb" came on.  He is a good little reader, with a growing vocabulary. I would not trade these moments with him for anything.  Yes it was crazy and stressful sometimes, but I am so thankful for the opportunity I had this year to watch him learn and grow first hand.  I view the opportunity to homeschool him this year as a gift, I view overseeing the education of my children as my responsibility, I enjoy homeschooling(yes their were times I felt like pulling my hair out), and at this present time we plan to continue. *(I am not making any rash statements about the future!)  


Montana said...

I love this post! What a great year with great kiddies and mama:)

Brenda said...

Enjoyed hearing about Caron's school year. We are still deciding what to do with Clayton - I only have a year left before he starts school!