June 7, 2013

District Assembly

A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege to attend District Assembly in McMinnville.  We had a wonderful time. Listening to the speakers preach did my heart good!  I kind of failed in the picture taking department.  District Assembly was Thursday afternoon and then all day Friday.  I didn't want us to miss a day of school on Friday, so we packed up school and brought it with us.

On Friday Carson, Clayton and I stayed and did school in our motel room while Andy and Kenzie went to the assembly.

The little man is working hard!

The littlest man is being a big help.
I do want to document and tell a story that happened because of District Assembly.  Thursday evening the speaker was  a General Superintendent, Dr. Porter.  He had two main points to his sermon that both challenged and convicted my heart.  "Who is discipling you?"  and  "Who are you discipling?"    Well fast forward a couple of nights and as I was tucking Carson into bed, I asked him how he and Jesus were doing.  His response to me was “Mommy, I just don’t know who I am going to disciple” my reply was well let’s pray about it; mommy is praying about who to disciple right now too.  Then I said, we have to figure out what it looks like to disciple someone, and I asked him what do you think it means to disciple?  He responded “to sit in a quiet place and talk about Jesus and what He can do in your life.”   
Following the conversation, I was thinking how great it was that Andy had just been in Carson’s room and had this discussion.  Later in the evening as I was retelling the conversation to Andy, I realized that Andy had not had the conversation, but it was what he had heard and learned from listening to Dr. Porter during District Assembly.
I am thankful that God used Dr. Porter’s words to not only challenge and convict my heart but to also challenge the heart of my 5 year old son.
It is hard for me to describe my emotions following my conversation with Carson.  I was so excited that he was listening and hearing God speak to him, and I was also challenged, and overwhelmed by my responsibility as a mother to help shape and guide and help  him grow and become more like Jesus.  Being a Mama is a high calling!

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Anonymous said...

An awesome responsibility, but also the greatest privilege. You are dong a fabulous job Mama. Love you and your family, A.D.