May 18, 2013

The Yellow Dog

Allow me to introduce you to the Yellow Dog. What a fun name for an espresso drive thru!  And for your information it has the BEST coffee I have ever tasted!  Even Andy, who is a serious coffee critic, said this is the best he has ever tasted as well.
 I am a fru-fru coffee drinker.  I am a  true blue Dutch Bro. girl! 
Dutch Bros Coffee. | Our Menu of espresso, smoothies, and other great drinks!
But..... the other day I got "a shot in the dark" with a little cream, from the Yellow Dog, and let me tell you something.  It was the B.E.S.T! 
I had know idea what "a shot in the dark" was until my knowledgeable, coffee drinking husband informed me that it is a 'drip coffee with a shot of espresso'.
So, if you are ever passing through our neck of the woods.  Stop and get yourself a fabulous cup of coffee.



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