February 10, 2013

Me and plagiocephaly

So you may have noticed that I am now sporting a blue helmet.   My Daddy has decorated it with a BSU sticker …. we’re just supporting our team.  It’s not really so bad, in the beginning it made my head sweat a lot, but now it is a cozy place to put my head.  The only problem is that it is starting to get a little stinky, but being “stinky” just kind of goes along with being a baby, right?  Every day when we take it off my momma scrubs it with alcohol, which really helps keep the stench down.   

So for your information I will start at the very beginning.  During my short birth process I conked my noggin, and was born with a bump on the top of my head.  My daddy calls it my lucky bump.  The fancy name for it is a cephalo hematoma.   Basically it was a large, fluid filled bump/ bruise on the top of my head. We were told that it would go away….eventually, but before it went away it would turn into a calcium deposit and become hard.   Well, it has not gone away and it has turned hard. 

 So, I’m guessing because of this bump, I spent most of the time sleeping with my head turned to the other side and so I developed plagiocephaly; that’s the fancy name.  The other term for this is flat head syndrome.  Yikes, I just don’t like the sound of that!  I would rather say plagiocephaly and watch the people nod and pretend they knew what it means. J

My poor mommy was very worried; she knew something wasn’t right with my skull bones.  She got really worried after she used Google to try and diagnose me.  When I was two months old I went to see my pediatrician.  She was the first to diagnose me.  My pediatrician then referred me to a Cranial Facial Surgeon and we were scheduled to attend a “head clinic”.    Dr. G looked me over, measured my noggin and said “I strongly recommend you get this boy a helmet”.     The next day my mama called Idaho Orthotics and made me an appointment to see Miss Amy.  She pretty much is the coolest thing since sliced bread and she always gives my big brother and sister suckers when we go to see her.  

I really want to tell you all about my first appointment and how I got measured and stuff, but I think I need my diaper changed so I will get back to my story after I get this business taken care of.

Below are some pictures of me and my funky shaped noggin.


This picture shows my lucky bump. 


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Clayton is such a smart boy. That lucky bump is definitely doing it's job! :) Please tell him that Aunt Sonja is so proud of his ability to do such great blog posts already. Wow! However, the diaper change has been lasting quite a while now, and we would like to hear the rest of the story (as he tells it). :)
My love to everyone.

POPS said...

Great pictures and a good story Clayton. Sure enjoyed it.