December 30, 2012

"These are a few of my favorite things" (part 2)

11.  Visiting family.

12. Christmas cards from family and friends.

13.  Looking at Christmas lights.

14.  Christmas Eve pajamas.

15.  Clayton's first cereal.

16.  Snow.

17. Stuffed stockings

18.  Excitement.

19. Cool scenery.

20.  Playing with one of their gifts - straws and connectors.

I don't have any pictures of opening presents on my camera,  because my camera decided that it was tired of working correctly.   Thankfully Andy was able to take some on his phone.  That is also the reason some of these pictures are dark. 



Alanna said...

Yay for pictures and favorite things. Glad you guys are doing well. :)

Stephanie said...

Some very awesome Butter pictures!!

Stephanie said...

Hahahaha....*butte**! Silly auto correct!