December 23, 2011

~November Adventures with Pops~

The Old Basque Inn in Jordan Valley, Oregon.  We sampled
some new and interesting food.

Time for a little off-road adventure.
  How is this for a serious giant mud puddle!?!?
(Yes, we did drive right through it, no we did not get stuck!)

     In our attempt to reach and explore the remains of Silver City with Pops, we did run across the abandoned remains, and the not so abandoned remains of the mining ghost town of DeLamar, Idaho.

The higher the mountain we climbed, the deeper the snow  and
more treacherous the road became... until we were forced to turn
around, in a not so large spot.
Classic photo of Pops saving the Yukon from sliding over the
snowy cliff and plunging into the raging torrent.
(ok, so there was a snowing bank, but the creek was hardly raging;
more like a mostly frozen trickle.)

Ahh, my sweet kiddies.

Ahhh,  my very cool family....literally

A not so abandoned residence in DeLamar.  Every had that eeiry
feeling you are being watched, and uneasily waiting for the warning
shot to be fired?    This place did put me on edge, but there
was no smoke coming from the chimney- so guess they
wern't home.
So long DeLamar, Idaho.  

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