August 5, 2011

Aprils Adventuring with Pops #1

We enjoy going on "adventures"! And we really love it went we have visitors from the East and we can take them on "adventures".

Lucky Peak Reservoir and Dam.
Unbelievable amount of water, noisy

Idaho City  An old gold mining town.

So much fun to walk around
and explore!
My happy jail-bird
Walking the boardwalk

Wells Fargo Express

Idaho Territorial Penitentiary 
"Horse parking"

A quick tour of Placerville, another old mining town.

Interesting place for an outhouse.
Placerville graveyard.
A fine time for the windshiled wiper to
give up and fall apart.
 Middle of nowhere, Idaho

Elk in Garden Valley, Idaho

How would you like these guys in your front yard?

Now performing:  The Elk Trio

And the travelers ended their adventures for the day by dining here
at the Longhorn.   Crouch, Idaho

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