February 25, 2011

Family Day 2/24/11 Dodson Pass/ Middle of Nowhere

Today, the five of us (bear adventured with us) climbed into the jeep and headed north/east/south. Today for our lunch I grabbed an unopened box of kix cereal, goldfish crackers and water. Let me just tell you, there ain't no McDonalds on every corner out here. We first headed out to Willow Creek than on to Big Flat Road, up over Dodson Pass, down to 3rd Fork road, through the town of Ola, through the town of Sweet and then Home again home again. Sounds simple huh? This little trip took around 4 hours (I think). Bear needed to stop a couple of times for a potty break and to stretch his legs. J This was his first adventure and he did very well!
And now for the pictures!

Ready to go... Carson, Kenzie and Bear.

Willow Creek

Willow Creek

A cool barn- somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

A potty break/exercise time for Bear

A fancy pantsy home on Big Flat Ranch-also in the
middle of nowhere.

Going over Dodson Pass.


Never know when you might need a good fire truck...  middle
of nowhere... Third Fork Road.


POPS said...
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POPS said...

Fantastic pictures, especially the one with Carson Kenzie and Bear getting ready for the adventure. Sure enjoy your blog.

Joyce said...

Wow! what an adventure for the 5 of you!!

Anonymous said...

So good to catch up. How fun that Bear can now join the adventures!!

Stephanie said...

Love that drive! We just did it earlier this year...beautiful snow & scenery! Glad Bear got to join you all this time! :)

Brittany said...

I love that you're being a faithful blogger. Enjoy your adventures.

The Dickinsons said...

Beautiful pics! Enoyed reading youir blog. =)

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Are you in need of a nanny or somethin?? hehe Man it's gorgeous out there! Miss you here though! God bless!