September 6, 2010

Happy Sunday

Yes, I realize that today is Monday, just running behind a little....

Classic looks

Recently "kenny" has started putting things on her head and running around. This just cracks me up and usually Carson joins in the fun. Pardon my little lady's state of undress.

On my way to church, 8:15 am, I had just turned on Washington street, the major street through town, and there standing on the corner was a pre-teen/teen girl holding a huge poster. I glanced at the poster, thinking car wash, bake sale; why so early on a Sunday morning, and there was only one car parked there behind her ... Then I read the sign "I will not LIE to parents again" I looked away quickly, my hands were shaking, my stomach was sick, my mind was reeling, embarrassed for the child; wondering/questioning. This has been heavy on my mind, why was this necessary? what is the story? why was this the form of punishment used? will this actually work, or just cause anger and bitterness. I don't know and I will never know; but my heart aches, my hands shake, and my stomach is knotted.

Ok, that wasn't very happy, but the rest of the day was good!
Hope you had a worshipful Sunday as well!


Andy said...

joel wore that same vest on sunday! almost fell off my chair when i saw that you ha blogged again.

Stephanie said...

Are you serious?! You saw this in Emmett? Interesting!!! Wish we knew "the rest of the story..."