October 21, 2009

October's Random Things

*We bought a red jeep Cherokee.
*Went to the Harvest Festival (part of main street was closed off to vehicles; there was fun stuff to see and good food) I got my face painted at our youth group’s tent. Andy dared another guy from church to and they both got their face painted.
*Brent Vernon and Sam were at our church for a concert. It was very cool to see them.
*Several men from the church showed up and worked in our back yard. (Just before we moved here a couple of guys from the church came and knocked down weeds that were over 6ft high and cleaned things up.) This time they spread new topsoil around, picked up very large rocks and used a tiller. Andy has put down grass seed and new grass is starting to grow. Yeah!
*Pastor Appreciation Sunday- good fellowship, nice cards, a money tree- we are blessed!!
*Hunting accident with a lady in the church- long story short- she lost her leg. She has had a very good and positive outlook.
*Attended a Women of worth meeting, enjoyed the good food. Who knew that I would ever look forward to attending… wonders never cease.
*Went to The Berry Ranch with Stephanie, Debbie and their children. Had a picnic. Fed the chickens, looked at the sheep, cows, and pigs. Climbed up on the hay wagon. Picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Bought several miniature pumpkins and gourds. (Carson said when explaining the gourds to Andy that they weren’t real gourds like in the “Belly button song” (Veggie Tales)
*Had Phillip and Heather Dickinson, missionaries to Columbia, at church for a service.
*Played outside with the sidewalk chalk from Aunt Diana.
*Kenzie will be 12wks tomorrow.
*I have single handedly eaten almost a whole bag of chocolate chips in the last 2 days. Its my new chocolate diet. :)

Harvest Festival and Face Painting

Working in the backyard.

Pumpkin Patch Fun!



Andy said...

love how andy was trying to look manly in the face painting pic. didn't work. loving the updates. keep up the good work. ;o)

Vespasian said...

Looks like you are really enjoying not living in the city- I envy you! I am glad that you guys are so happy out there, even though I miss you all dreadfully.

Brenda said...

Enjoyed the pictures and the update. Hope you are enjoying ID. Kenzie is sure a doll!

Alanna said...

Oh! I miss you Dixie!!! Especially on our band Sunday! Love all the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to see another update! You're on a roll, woman! :) Glad to hear you all are feeling "blessed".

Sarah said...

Dixie I miss you all! Seems like you are enjoying it out there. I must say band was not the same without you and Carson. Enjoyed the pics :)

valeria said...

Miss you all.

Stephanie said...

WOW! You have been a busy lady this month...lol...

I love the picture of Carson and Andy working in the backyard! Carson looks adorable in his cowboy hat. And I can see the green peeking out from the side! Yea!!!

Wayfaring Gypsy said...

I enjoyed your post Dixie. And to be honest, I'm not sure how anyone could "look forward" to Women of worth...but kudos to your WoW ppl for making it enjoyable. (I really loved the pics!)

Anonymous said...

OH I MISS YOU GUYS...hoping to call when I get home...it's been so crazy.
Love ya'll

Sarah Cook said...

nice update... love the pics

Danelle said...

Maybe one day I will get very motivated and actually post all of my pictures that I've taken--pumpkin patches, Halloween, etc
What can I say, I just have no computer motivation. I seriously love all the fall pics--I think it's my favorite time of year for pics because everything is so colorful :-)

Brittany said...

I just got this urge to check out yor blog for any new posts...glad I did. I'm glad you're happy and enjoying yourself. Give Carson and Kenzie hugs and see if Carson still remembers how to wink and blow a kiss! Love you.