November 8, 2008

It's About Time

Hello everybody, it is obvious that my dear mommy is not going to post anytime soon, and I am tired of waiting for her to put up something new. So I guess this responsibility falls upon my young shoulders. By the way, this is “Bean” posting, in case you were wondering.
I have been very busy recently. I love to read books, sing, play the piano and conduct. I also like to play outside and sticks are some of my favorite toys. Mommy likes to say “It’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out.” I do try to be careful.
I usually go to the office and hang out with “Aunt Yanya, she is fun. Sometimes I get to go to class with Mommy. My favorite class is band. Band is very loud. I get to eat lunch with Daddy everyday. I have a good life!
Just recently, I went to the doctor, I am fine, just needed checked-up on. Mommy got me out of two shots that I don’t need right now. I will get them later. I am up-to-date on all my other shots, (for you readers that just panicked). I weighed in at 26 pounds and 10 ½ ounces. I am 33 ¼ inches tall.
Ok, now I will post some pictures so you can see what I look like. Maybe I will even find a video. See ya.

Yes, I have muscles!
My mommy gets the blame for this flower picture.

"Standin' on the corner of Winsolow Arizona..."
These are the trees my mommy really likes. She has lots more pictures of scenic stuff.
Lucky for you that she isn't choosing the pictures for this post. :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go, buddy! I'm glad you finally took the initiative. (That means you just went ahead and posted instead of waiting for Mommy.) I must say, you are very good at conducting. I always enjoy it when you do that. You also clap your hands, stomp your feet and yell "Hooray" really great too! I hope your internet gets fixed soon.

Love you!
Aunt Yanya

Maria H said...

Bean, you are just too cute and growing up too fast. Thanks for the update. It made me smile!! You need to do it more often so I can know what´s going on in your life, since I am not there with you anymore. I miss seeing you, and your mom and dad and Aunt Yanya too. Love you guys!

Tu amiga, Maria

Sarah Cook said...

Hurray for you, Bean! I was wondering about you and your family! You sure are a handsome little man! Tell your mommy hi from the Cook family... I used to be your mommy's neighbor in the dorm... I did mean things to your poor mommy... would you check to see if she has forgiven me? Oh, and remember to never wake your mommy by singing the National Anthem in the middle of the night, and by all means don't throw paper wads in her room... oh, yes, and don't make limbs look bloody and mangled just to scare her... you know, maybe it is best if you just don't bring any of this up, because she probably won't remember any of it anyway :-)
Keep up the nice updates!

Alanna said...

Go Bean! It's so fun seeing you at school laughing and waving and saying "hi." :)

Andy said...

and to think i almost skipped over your blog today. i'm still in shock. by the way, love the family pic.

Juwah said...


You don't know me, but I have admired you from afar(Aunt Yanya's blog) for quite some time. Your Mommy stopped by my blog and so I thought I'd check hers out too. I must say you are one adorable and talented young man. Oh I wish I had a daughter for you....but let's not focus on that old people's stuff quite yet. Anyway, thanks for posting.

Mrs. Julia

Jonathan & Sandy said...

Hey Bean! I have never met you and therefore you have never met me. I used to work with your mommy a loooooong time ago!=) Tell your mommy hi for me and that I hope she is doing well! Miss you guys!

Cindy said...

What a cute, talented, and intelligent child you are, Bean! If I were there, I would love to give you a hug! You are such a sweetie, and I miss you. I miss your mommy and daddy too!