June 10, 2008

Birthday Party

Here are just a few pictures from the big boy's birthday bash.
The cake was made by (drum roll please) ME. This is my first experience with
something so grand. I mostly had fun... I agonized for quite some time over homemade icing and getting it to the correct color, but gave up in failure and sent Andy to the store for good old chocolate icing. Great color, great taste.

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Anth, Lash, Brayden & Navayah said...

Looks like a fun birthday party...sorry we missed!!! Love ya Carson, and hope you had a great 1st birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Really cute. Love the photo layout. Nicely done! It made me feel kind of squishy inside. Miss you all. Lots.

Vespasian said...

Very cute cake! :o)

Lisa R said...

He is so cute! Great job on the cake; I admire you taking on that task :-)

Luanna J. Wright said...

When was his birthday?

Luanna Wright!! ;)