August 7, 2007

Yes, it has been a while since I’ve posted. Since Andy is home from his classes in Mississippi and has started another class online, I now have to share the computer. (Sharing does not mean that I get equal time at the computer.) It is really nice that he can study from home, so I don’t mind “sharing”.

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over and another school year is here already. My mind is beginning to “clutter” with all the things I need to do to get ready for classes. Fun, Fun!

Here are some pictures of my growing boy. He is almost 10 weeks and so much fun!


Trisha said...

Your Boy is so cute!! He looks just like Andy!! I was so excited to see your blog and look at your pictures! I hope everything is going good for you!

Sarah Cook said...

Nice picts of him with the laptop... does he always smile so big... he looks like a VERY happy little boy!

Danelle said...

I can't wait to see Carson in person, does he always smile this much? We had the hardest time catching Lexi's smiles on camera at this age--however we don't have that trouble much anymore especially since she's learned how to show off :-)
Much love and can't wait to see you guys in October,

Joyce said...

10 wks already!!! Hard to believe!
I need to plan my next trip to visit him.
Love, Nanny

Anonymous said...

So, um, did Beanie do the blog or did you? I'm confused because he looks so comfy with that laptop. I was wondering if you just dictated to him. If not, maybe he should get a turn with the whole blogging thing. I bet he would be good at it.

Cindy said...

I love your pics! And I love Carson!!! So good to chat with you tonight, and looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Sonja's right: he does look like a natural with the laptop :)
XOXO to the happy little guy :)

Liz said...

He's so handsome!! Will he be joining the band this year? Ha ha Maracas or something!

I know what you mean about sharing the computer - it's a hilarious thing. Sometimes I feel like a 4 year old again wishing for a "turn!" :>) It's so funny . .

Deb said...

What a great thing you taking over the blogging. I look forward to more news from you. I just loved your pictures. Your smile is priceless. I enjoyed having you here on Sunday to help celebrate my birthday. Didn't Mommy make the most delicious dessert?
I love you, MeeMee

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. He is adorable, and we can't wait to see him!!