May 10, 2007

Never Fear.....

To all my faithful readers,

Would please forgive me? It has been approximately 48 days since my last post. I know this is a dreadful realization, and it might even be a cardinal sin for a blogger, but give me a little room for error … my wife is pregnant. It is during these trying times that we all tend suffer, just a little.

Last night while I was dutifully (and might I say very willingly) checking on the guys in the dorm, I was asked why I hadn’t blogged in a while. I basically told him that I haven’t had the time. I think he was satisfied with this answer. However, I went out on a limb and told him that if he would just check my blog in the next couple of days that I would have a nice, new and fresh blog waiting for his reading pleasure and educational edification. Ok, maybe I didn’t utter it exactly like the above, but it sounds good. So JM C, here is your shout out.

Finally, as I bring this blog to close I would like to say - look for me soon…I’ll be back.


Malcolm said...

Good to see new evidence of you on the blogger landscape!

Anonymous said...

I was starting to get worried. I'm glad you're back!